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Projects 2018

  1. Spielbank Stralsund - Stralsund - Germany
    (locks for 57 slot machines, TRAKA21 electronic key-cabinet)
  2. Merkumare - TUI Mein Schiff
    (locks for 24 slot machines, stacker-box trolley, chip-safe)
  3. Casino Sevens – IJuiden - The Netherlands
    (locks for 64 slot machines, TRAKA electronic key-cabinet)
  4. Corona Casino Resort – Phu Quoc - Vietnam
    (Locks for 1000 slot machines,  100 tables, 20 CRT redemption terminals, seals and seal-bags, drop and tip-boxes
    28 trolleys, 3 TRAKA electronic key-cabinets)

  5. Casino A13 - The Hague - The Netherlands
    (Locks for 170 slot machines, trolleys, key-cabinets)
  6. Casino Terrou Bi / Dakar and casino Terrou Saly / M'bour-Senegal
    (Locks for 33 additional  slot machines)